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This is my "Cowstume"

Having trouble figuring out what your should be for Halloween? This is a perfect option for an easy "Cowstume" 😂

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M-Udder Truck-er

There is a lot of times on a dairy farm or at a show when you really want to let out a few swear words, but instead you let our the next best option. "M-Udder TRUCKER!"

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America's Backbone Tank

Fork it T-Shirt

Tan LInes and Top Lines TANK

America's Backbone

Dairy Farmers are America's backbone. From being the local school's biggest sports fan to supporting the FFA and organizing the county fair 4-H show, Dairy Farmers take care of each other and take care of small-town USA.

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Now in V-Neck!

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Heifers gone WILD

Anyone else stay up too late in the 90's? Anyways, open up that gate to the pasture for the first time in the spring and you are going to see some Heifers gone wild!

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Mammary Systems Matter

Whether you're strait outta Wisconsin, California, New York, or Idaho, one thing is certain. Mammary systems matter!

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After Show Party Planner

What would we do without the crew's after show party planner. We all know who "that" person is who is the one everyone turns to, to get it rolling after the show.

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Fork it

Some days you just gotta say "Fork it" and call it a day.

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Beet Pulp

Can't leave the farm with out the beet pulp! Gotta get some in the ladies to get that body primed for the show ring!

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Those of us in the dairy industry know how much the mammary systems on our cows matter in all aspects from the show ring, to classification, to longevity and production. 

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Tail Combing Specialist

We all know that one person who claims to be the best at combing the tail out! They usually arrive 10 min before entering the ring, fresh and ready to go, comb the tail out quick, and then take all of the credit. 

Get your Tail Combing Specialist t-shirts HERE

Tan Lines & Top Lines

No better way to spend the summer than checking out some toplines and gnarly farmer tans!

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Show String Night Watch 

For those on the crew in charge of the night watch that sometimes don't quite make it to sunrise.......

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